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  • TNF-Titans vs Steelers

    Classic AFC match-up right here!

  • Week 10

    See ya Sunday!

  • Kick in the Head

    Poor Bronco’s fans! Welcome to the suck! (aka what the rest of fans deal with!)

  • Dirty South

    Hell ya! Why are they so pervy?

  • Miami Doofus’

    Wow, what a bad trade for Jay Ajai. So bad that even Madden won’t accept it. Good...

  • Week 9

    It’s Week 9 already? Where did my Fantasy Team go? Come on down to the Hippodrome Casino...

  • Week 8

    It’s the final London game as the Cleveland Browns host the Minnesota Vikings at Twickenham Stadium. The...

  • TNF-Eagles vs Panthers

    Epic late night match-up between 2 high flying teams! Come on down to the Hippodrome in Leicester...

  • Giant Mess

    The poor NY Giants! With no wins in sight, will the Giants go without winning a game...

  • Week 5

    Want to watch all the NFL games this Sunday? Come on down to the Hippodrome Casino where...

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