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  • NFL Draft Party

    We are holding our annual NFLDraft Party Thurs April 26th at the Hippodrome Casino. Free entry, 18+

  • Divisional Sunday

    Another great night of NFL games at the Hippo. Come watch to see who goes through to...

  • Brown Outs

    Hey Cleveland…nice season on ya!

  • Christmas Eve

    Are you a lonely loser with nothing to do on Christmas Eve? Come on down to the...

  • TNF-Redskins vs Cowboys

    Big ass TNF at the Hippodrome. Come on down!  

  • Week 12

    Holy crap! Week 12 already! Get down to the Hippodrome!  

  • KevGiving 2017

    In honour of our late friend Kevin Cadle, we are proud to host KevGiving this year.

  • BrownCos

    Ha! Get it? ‘Cause they both suck!

  • Week 10

    Holy Crap, week 10 already? Where did my season/ fantasy team/ liver go? Come down to the...

  • Week 6

    Week 6 already? Well, we have all had problems with the NFL Gamepass, but hopefully this is...

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