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  • Week 2

    Make sure you get to the Hippodrome Casino early as we have a no reservation policy. Loads...

  • Brady Breaks Down

    QB Tom Brady tells it like is for all us fans.

  • Pacman!

    Pacman Jones sure knows a lot about getting Dunkirk 2017 trailer He was arrested last week,...

  • Divisional Saturday

    And then there were 8 (but do the Texans real count?), as we head into the big...

  • Win a Booth at the Hippo!

    Are you coming to the Hippodrome Casino this Saturday Night to watch both NFL games? Would you...

  • TNF-Eagles v Giants

    1 team is looking towards the playoffs, the other is looking forward to the fuckoffs, when they...

  • J-E-T…and Fuck it!

    The NY Jets are quickly turning into a dumpster fire. Or were they already a dumpster fire...

  • MNF-Packers v Eagles

    MNF-Packers v Eagles

  • WEEK 12

    Week 12 of the NFL

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