nfl in london
  • Crab Apple

    The apple doesn’t fall that far from the Crabtree. What a douche-nozzle.

  • Turkey Fingers

    Awww…JPP drew us all a little picture after their Thanksgiving meltdown. How cute and sad!

  • Worst QB Assembled

    Or just choose Jay Cutler all the way.

  • Christmas Eve

    The Hippodrome will be open on Christmas Eve and showing the 6pm games only as the casino closes at...

  • Week 13

    Week 13 already? Where the hell has the season gone? Get your butts down to the Hippodrome Casino for...

  • MNF-Texans vs Ravens

    This will probably be ass. Why not watch it with us?

  • Tomahawk Chopped

    Wrong sport, wrong team…still funny. 

  • Week 12

    It’s Week 12, which means if your team is out-you might have 2 more weeks left in your Fantasy...

  • Dem Boys

    Are on life-support. The Ewok is gone and so are their play-off chances. Time to sue Goodell!

  • KevGiving

    We are re-branding Thanksgiving to ‘KevGiving’ in honour of our lost pal Kevin Cadle. Come down to the Hippodrome...