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    DK Winning Line-Up

    Here is the winning line-up for Week 13 of the NFL. Congrats to the RealPokerKid for taking top honours!...

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    Week 14

    Holy crap! It’s week 14 already? How is your team doing? Is it time to buy a new hat...

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    TNF-Raiders v Chiefs

    Epic match-up for a late night game at the Hippodrome Casino. It’s December, so no one is really working...

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    DraftKings Team

    Wanna take us on in our DraftKings Fantasy contests? Very easy-go to to play along. Put together a...

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    Gronkowski is Dead

    Tragic news out of Boston today, as it was announced that the career of Rob Gronkowski is now dead....

  • dalvmin


    Cowboys are rolling into the fresh smelling Vikings stadium to test their 10-1 record. Will the real Minnesota please...

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    Ever noticed how similar KP looks to ‘Bubbles’ from ‘The Wire’? They did both play like crack heads for...

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    WEEK 12 Winning Line-Up

    Have you been playing in our DraftKings UK contests at the Hippo? It’s fun, easy & of course FREE!...

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    TNF-Cowboys v Vikings

    The Cowboys have only lost ONE game! Who the heck would have predicted that at the start of the...

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    WEEK 13

    Week 13 at the Hippodrome Casino.