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  • Week 1

    The season is back! We will be showing all the games, every week at the Hippodrome Casino...

  • The Curse

    Oh the curse of 28-3! Mathematicians everywhere will be happy playing with this combination for NFL infinity.

  • Patriots Poopers

    What a way to start the season! A loss by the Patriots! Haha!

  • Eclipse Burn

    Eclipse Burn!  

  • Oh Tebow!

    This seems about right. Who’s ready for the season?

  • Week 1

    Sunday September 10th! Mark it down as that kicks off the regular season. Make sure you come...

  • Beast Modekill

    Beastmode loves to do crazy things for attention. So it’s no surprise he almost died in Paisley,...

  • Bolt Outta Town

    And then they were gone. San Diego said farewell to the team that quite frankly, treated its...

  • Divisional Saturday

    And then there were 8 (but do the Texans real count?), as we head into the big...

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