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  • Lame Cutlets

    It’s Lame Cutlets! Welcome to the next season.

  • Divisional Saturday

    And then there were 8 (but do the Texans real count?), as we head into the big...

  • Saturday Night Football

    Crank up the Bay City Rollers, it’s Saturday Night! We have a great game cranking out in...

  • Super Math

    So a bunch of geeks crunched some numbers, and guess what they came up with? A Patriots...

  • Sunday Tube Strike

    Oh those douche nozzles at the TFL! If they aren’t telling us off for drinking on the...

  • Week 14-Honest Headlines

    What a shit show Week 14 of the NFL was. How did your team do? Here some...

  • WEEK 12

    Week 12 of the NFL

  • Week 11

    It’s Week 11 at the Hippodrome Casino 18+ No reservations

  • WEEK 10

    Holy Moly is it week 10 already? Where has the season gone? We know you want some...

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