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  • Hue the F*uck?

    Seriously, how did he keep his job?

  • Wildcard Sunday

    The games are set for the Sunday Wildcard Games. Come down to the Hippodrome Casino to watch...

  • Ref?

    Some crazy calls this weekend! Which one was the worst?

  • Week 15 was Cra-Cra

    Seriously! What a week of crazy action!

  • Sunday GOAT

    Who was the biggest winner this week in the NFL? We have a few ideas…

  • TNF-Eagles vs Panthers

    Epic match-up that will go into the wee hours. Luckily the Hippo is open 24 hrs!

  • Cam Bam!

    Poor Cam Newton! Forgetting that you can’t talk to women like that, even if they don’t play...

  • Panthers vs Patriots

    We show every game on Sunday at the Hippodrome Casino. Get there early!

  • TNF-Saints v Panthers

    Both teams are coming off some gutting week 10 loses, so will they be able to avenge?...

  • Week 11

    Week 11 already, which means some teams need to get their shit together. (talking to you Bears!)...

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