nfl in london

Steel Headed Morons

What happens when you fill fat, white men with lite beer, bbq pork, and a losing team?
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Nothing like watching the stadium antics of dufus’ engaging in male chest-pumping bravado when a nearby seat mate makes a noise they don’t like.

As you can see from the video-the younger dude first takes off his hat to initiate one of the worst timed head-butts of all time.
The headbutt hits the chin of the fat hairy dude who tumbles back.
Drunk, blonde girl then slaps away at the guy-making it hard to tell if she’s with fatty, or hat guy is her man and they like to fight each other when fighting other people.

If any of them can run, suggest that the Steelers look at them to replace John Connor.

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