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SB53 Predictions

So who is going to win the big game?

Every pundit, host, and janitor has their prediction for the big game, but what do they ‘experts’ say.
(by experts we mean London based alcoholics who enjoy the game).

We had our very own Wade McElwain and Ryan Cull make their picks and were joined by Atlanta native Chapman Maddox.
Chapman is now of the few Falcons fans who enjoys choruses of ’28-3′ raining down on him relentlessly.

All 3 agreed that it was both exciting and terrifying watch Brady march up and down the field, like a pit bull running amok at a picnic, stealing any basket and dish it wishes.

Ryan Cull went full AFC East Beast, laying down his manliness at the Temple of Tom, and predicting that much like the groundhog, Brady is about to spring.
Ryan had the Pats winning a close one, 30-29.

Guest Chapman Maddox too has been bitten by the Brady bug, and has the Pats laying a whooping on the Rams by 28-24.

Wade McElwain seems to be the only voice of reason here, seeing that on paper, the Rams are the better team.
Does paper matter in Tom Brady’s world?
Not at all.

Wade has the Rams holding off on a tight now, winning the match 30-28, sending Gronk into retirement, and Brady onto a performance next week on ‘The Masked Singer.’

B53 Predictions by Chapman, Wade & Ryan

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