nfl in london
  • Super Bowl Odds

    So who do you have to win it all? Patriots? Eagles? Bears? None of the above? Too early to...

  • NFL UK Street Party

    What are you doing Sat Sept 8th? The NFL UK is throwing a massive party on Piccadilly Street in...

  • Dead Lions

    So what does that make Scar? Would he be more like the Bears, the Packers or the Vikings? Anywho,...

  • Uber XL

    Poor Jameis Winston! Turns out he was a ‘handful’ a few years ago when he groped an Uber driver....

  • NFL Immigrant Children

    You wanna come here, learn the rules & no crying for your mama!

  • Dullus Dullboyz

    Any chance of Dallas making the playoffs this year? Not with those hot-ass Eagles coming back to defend and...

  • NBA Finals

    Isn’t the NBA getting a little silly? I mean Cleveland and Oakland? That would never happen in the NFL!...

  • Johnny CFL Football

    Johnny Manziel makes his 1st NFL TD.

  • If you had $5

    Which of these bums would you take?

  • NFL Draft Party

    We are holding our annual NFLDraft Party Thurs April 26th at the Hippodrome Casino. Free entry, 18+