nfl in london
  • If you had $5

    Which of these bums would you take?

  • NFL Draft Party

    We are holding our annual NFLDraft Party Thurs April 26th at the Hippodrome Casino. Free entry, 18+

  • Incognito?

    You would think with a name like Incognito, you wouldn’t be such a buffon. Well the buffon has finally...

  • New Anthem

    Here’s an idea, why not just change the national anthem? Then there wouldn’t be an issue with the players...

  • Eat it Jerry!

    Phillip Rivers is ready to beat up the NFC this season! Will he make it to the big show?

  • NFL Draft Party

    We are throwing the biggest NFL Draft party in the UK. Head down to the Hippodrome Casino in London’s...

  • Ed Hochuli Quiz

    The big man is retiring! That’s right, our favourite muscle bound ref is calling his NFL career quits. But...

  • NFL Draft Party

    We will be hosting an NFL Draft Party at the Hippodrome Casino April 26th (technically midnight of the 27th)....

  • Dougy Doug

    He needs a job man! Whose hiring? DM

  • Philly Girls

    I like all the girls, I like all the girls. Except Philly girls.