nfl in london


  • If you had $5

    Which of these bums would you take?

  • New Anthem

    Here’s an idea, why not just change the national anthem? Then there wouldn’t be an issue with...

  • Eat it Jerry!

    Phillip Rivers is ready to beat up the NFC this season! Will he make it to the...

  • Happy Valentines

    To you and yours!

  • Blark Maulberg

    How can you even trust this guy?

  • Happy Groundhog Day

    Except if you’re an Eagles fan.

  • Ughhh

    Doesn’t it feel like we all lose out in this game?

  • Final 2

    And then there were two..

  • Stone Cold Saints

    Ouch! What a missed tackle on Sunday. Sure that the internet won’t let him forget his misdeed…or...