nfl in london


  • Incognito?

    You would think with a name like Incognito, you wouldn’t be such a buffon. Well the buffon...

  • Philly Girls

    I like all the girls, I like all the girls. Except Philly girls.

  • Patriots Poopers

    What a way to start the season! A loss by the Patriots! Haha!

  • Vick Vaporiser

    Michael Vick would love to retire a Falcon…so would alot of people dude. 

  • Tebow at the Draft?

    Way to help out Timmy!

  • Where yo gunna go?

    It’s supposed to nice during Walmart season.

  • NFL Draft Party

    We’re throwing a Draft Party af the Hippo drome Casino. It starts at 1am, but there will...

  • Matt Brady

    It’s no secret that Matt Damon has a stiffy for his Boston bud Tom Brady. He even...