nfl in london


  • Ewok in Crop Top

    Hey Zeke! Just back from your role on ‘The Longest Yard’? Tracey Morgan would be proud!

  • Cam Bam!

    Poor Cam Newton! Forgetting that you can’t talk to women like that, even if they don’t play...

  • NFL on TV

    Are you watching the NFL Gamepass? What an utter piece of crap it is. That’s what happens...

  • Giant Mess

    The poor NY Giants! With no wins in sight, will the Giants go without winning a game...

  • Week 5

    Want to watch all the NFL games this Sunday? Come on down to the Hippodrome Casino where...

  • TNF

    Hahaha! Patriots! After a crushing Sunday loss-will they be able to rebound? Come to the Hippo to...

  • Say what?

    A picture says it all sometimes. See you Sunday!

  • Slick Willy

    Bill Clinton didn’t have a problem with getting on your knees or the NFL. What would Bill...

  • Colin Update

    People wondering what Colin K is up to…here are his latest details.