nfl in london


  • NFL Celebration Rules

    No more No Fun League? Well things just got more Fox TV as players are allowed to...

  • Vick Vaporiser

    Michael Vick would love to retire a Falcon…so would alot of people dude. 

  • Going Full Gronk!

    Gronk is at it again. Drinking, wrastlin’, and cursing. Is there life after Gronk?

  • Bye Bye Tony!

    Tony Romo is supposedly done, so a big hand for Tony and his future!

  • Romo Nomo

    Tony Romo has apparently kicked Phil Sims out of the broadcast booth, and will be an official...

  • Cruz’ing to Denver

    Looks like Victor Cruz will be taking his aging ass out of New York? But who wants...

  • Love Sucks

    If you’re a Falcons fan!

  • Sky Sports in the House!

    Excited for SuperBowl Sunday? So are we! And it gets even better as we are proud to...

  • F’ing Tube

    So it looks like we might get another crapping tube strike on SuperBowl Sunday. Great, 3 times...