nfl in london


  • Kick in the Head

    Poor Bronco’s fans! Welcome to the suck! (aka what the rest of fans deal with!)

  • Eagle Eyes

    This kid is doing his own form of scouting. They don’t make much money kid, so you’re...

  • Dirty South

    Hell ya! Why are they so pervy?

  • TNF-Seahawks vs Cardinals

    A great TNF match-up at Hippodrome Casino.

  • Papa Dump

    If you have ever tried Papa John’s pizza…you will know what we mean…

  • MNF-Lions vs Packers

    Head to the Hippodrome Casino to watch an amazing NFC North match-up between the Lions & Packers.

  • Miami Doofus’

    Wow, what a bad trade for Jay Ajai. So bad that even Madden won’t accept it. Good...

  • TNF-Bills vs Jets

    It’s still only a 4hr time change between GMT & EST so take advantage by watching the...

  • Week 9

    It’s Week 9 already? Where did my Fantasy Team go? Come on down to the Hippodrome Casino...

  • Tommy Boy!

    The GOAT is all alone. Now that Jimmy G is gone to the 49ers-the fate of the...