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Prophet ( is here to help you start off your 2019 punting right. Prophet is a secondary marketplace that offers customised liquidity and market rate cashouts on all bets. Tired of unfair and uncustomised cashout options on your sportsbooks? Head over to Prophet where we have taken a unique perspective on gambling. By cashing out with Prophet instead of your book, you can make more money, see in real-time how much of your risk you should lay off, what the win/loss scenario looks like on each side, and finally you give another punter great odds in the process instead of giving money back to your book. We are looking to create a community where users make more money and give each other better odds, rather than donating to monopolistic books. We’re going to illustrate how this is possible. 

If you bet on Dallas, Philly, or Indy to win SB LIII last week, you would’ve gotten them at about 30/1. All of these teams’ odds have moved to 15/1, and all of them look very dangerous. This means that their value increased 2x after one win. If you originally bought £100 to net£3,000, your bet would be worth £200 at 15/1 odds. If either of these teams advance to the conference championship, their odds would move to roughly 5/1 to win it all, meaning your bet will have gone up 6x in value. However, as of now, you would not be able to cashout fairly on any of these bets, and that is where Prophet is here to help. With Prophet, you can sell all of your bet or just a percentage of your bet, that way you can win money no matter the outcome of the bet. 

Prophet is a marketplace, so there are buyers and sellers. Thus, if your bet is worth 5/1 right now, and you got it at 30/1, Prophet would suggest that you sell your bet at 6/1. This is because if you tried selling it at 5/1, no one is going to buy your bet since they can just get it at a sportsbook for the same price. Surely you as a buyer would rather have 6/1 than 5/1, right?

With this in mind, Prophet would suggest you sell 40% of your bet at 6/1, or £200 to net£1,200. As a result, if either of these teams win the SB, you’d net£1,800 (£3,000 – £1,200). If they lost, you’d net£100 (£200 – £100). On the other hand, buyers get the bet at 6/1 as opposed to 5/1, and they too can just buy percentages of a bet. Thus, sellers are guaranteeing profit and buyers are getting better odds than sportsbooks are offering. It’s a no-brainer; a win-win for everyone. 

With Prophet, you type in your original bet’s info and see how much money you’ll make on both sides based on what % of your bet you sell and the odds you sell it at. This is something currently unavailable to consumers. Prophet is changing the game, giving you the best rates on the market and customisable liquidity, all on an interface that shows you how much money you’re making. If you want to keep making less money than you should, keep cashing out with your cash cow book. If you are looking for a new experience and community, head over to Prophet. Sign up today at, we’re set to launch in February! 

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