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  • Say it!

    Say it out loud.

  • Wildcard Sunday

    The games are set for the Sunday Wildcard Games. Come down to the Hippodrome Casino to watch...

  • Wildcard Saturday

    The teams are set for Saturday! Where are you watching it? Come to the Hippodrome Casino to...

  • Brown Outs

    Hey Cleveland…nice season on ya!

  • Wildcard Sunday

    More Wildcard action on Sunday at the Hippodrome Casino. Come on down for some NFL sfun.

  • WildCard Saturday

    Who will be in the Wildcard games? The Hippodrome will be showing all the games, who will...

  • New Years Eve

    What are you doing for New Years Eve! We are having an epic party at the Hippodrome...

  • Dez Nutz

    Oh Dallas!

  • Playoff Payoffs

    Was your team one of the lucky ones?  

  • Dullus Slowboys

    Hey Dez! Might want to get your hands checked out. Hey 

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