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  • Oh Dell

    Insta hookers with blow! What are you an NFL player?…oh, that’s right!

  • Giant Day

    Happy NY Giants Day everybody!

  • NFL Draft Party

    We are throwing the biggest NFL Draft party in the UK. Head down to the Hippodrome Casino...

  • Ed Hochuli Quiz

    The big man is retiring! That’s right, our favourite muscle bound ref is calling his NFL career...

  • NFL Draft Party

    We will be hosting an NFL Draft Party at the Hippodrome Casino April 26th (technically midnight of...

  • Dougy Doug

    He needs a job man! Whose hiring? DM

  • Philly Girls

    I like all the girls, I like all the girls. Except Philly girls.

  • Happy Valentines

    To you and yours!

  • Bad Lip Reading

    A great edition of this!  

  • Blark Maulberg

    How can you even trust this guy?

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